Press Release

Press Release: Frack Off London Stage Die In Outside Unconventional Gas Conference

Photos courtesy of Guy Bell
Photos courtesy of Guy Bell

Frack Off London stage die-in outside conference to highlight fears around UK’s Dash for Gas

The conference was SMi ‘s 6th Annual Unconventional Gas Conference; where global industry leaders and the European Commission will discuss rolling out the extraction of unconventional gas in the UK.

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Members of Frack Off London participated in a die-in as part of what is becoming a widespread anti-extreme energy and pro-renewable movement within the UK.  The significance of this conference is not only are attendees experienced in unconventional gas extraction within their own countries [1] but are getting instruction on framework for regulation from the European Commission as well as public acceptance.  [2]Attempting to give them the tools to extract gas without opposition.

The demonstration comes shortly after the announcement that EDF are launching a £5m lawsuit against No Dash For Gas activists, for their occupation of West Burton gas power station.  [3] This is part of a UK crackdown on protestors; trying to discourage dissent with the prospect of financial ruin or disproportionate charges.  [4]

Frack Off London say that the die-in is to emphasise that by pursuing gas as an answer to the energy crisis means that we will not meet our climate change targets and is a temporary solution to fuel poverty in this country.   John Browne, a participant in the demonstration, said “The pursuit of unconventional gas and extreme energy in the UK is short-sighted and foolish.  Not only are the environmental consequences to local people massively underestimated, like they were in the US, but exploration for more gas is grossly negligent when taken in the context of climate change.  We should be investing in renewable energy, not gas.”

Fracking uses water and a mixture of chemicals to extract shale gas from the ground.   The process is credited with reducing the price of gas in the United States.   However in the UK the process caused two minor earthquakes in Lancashire.


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