Join Fuel Poverty Action to Bin British Gas

FPA Bin British Gas flyer

On 12 May, we will be joining Fuel Poverty Action to demand that we Bin British Gas outside British Gas’s AGM in London.  Last year, Centrica which is owned by British Gas bought a 25% share in Cuadrilla’s Lancashire drilling operation.  We know that fracking won’t bring down our bills.  It also won’t reduce the number of people who have to choose between heating their homes or eating.   We need community owned energy schemes.  Let’s take the power out of the hands of the Big 6 and return it to the people

Join us for a speak out, noise demonstration, share tear-up, and more creative activities to be confirmed. Bring pots and pans and other noise makers so we can make sure that British Gas hears that it’s game over for rip-off bills and dirty energy.

Be sure to RVSP to the Facebook event, follow Fuel Poverty Action on Twitter and check their website for more details.



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