Global Frackdown – London Action Details Released!!!

hsbc frack off leaflet draft 01

Fresh off the presses!  We can now finally reveal the details of the London action for the Global Frackdown!

Global Frackdown London Action
11 October 2014
Starting at 11am
Meeting point: Golden Square, Soho, London W1R 3AD

Join us as we turn an HSBC branch into a live fracking site!  HSBC are funding fracking both here in the UK and around the globe.  We’re going to head to a nearby HSBC and see how they like it!  Be sure to bring your hard hats, fracked water, hi vi and anything to complete create the construction site.

11 October is also a global day of action around TTIP,  a new trade agreement between the US and the EU that would help companies force fracking on unsuspecting communities.  We will be joining the demo which is at Parliament Square after this demo.

Be sure to visit the Global Frackdown – London Action page for the most up to date details.


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