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Come and Support the Defendants challenging the UKOG Injunction – 3 July at 1.15pm

So finally, the time has arrived for the six brave defendants to step into the High Court and challenge UK Oil & Gas on their draconian injunction. There has been an incredible amount of work from the support and legal team to get to this point so we hope you can join us outside the High Court, The Rolls Building. Fetter Lane, EC4A 1NL to support the defendants.

Please share in your networks and invite your friends. Facebook event link Twitter link

Vicki Elcoate, one of the defendants from Surrey recently wrote for the New Internationalist, and Jane Mote of Broadford Bridge Action Group, went to Leith Hill to interview Connie Whiston, another defendant for this beautiful video.

Court Support

There is still time to support their legal costs. Please help and donate here.

Bring your banners, smiles and your good luck vibes!



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